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Annual Registration Period:  May 1 - June 1
Annual Registration Deadline:  June 1

Current Season Start;  September 12, 2020
Current Season End;  October 31, 2020


9.9.2020  Season to start September 12 2020
Picture day September 26

The NBAA is Looking for a Soccer Coordinator, please consider helping run this program. Please contact Mike Sturino for more information.

Soccer Coordinators

Overall Coordinator:
Mike Sturino
 [email protected] 
Boys Soccer: Laurence Mala
Girls Soccer: Sarah Liedtke
Tots Soccer: Nichole Mueller
Referees: Joe Izzo
Mike Sturino

Remember that once the parents drop their kids off at practice, you are responsible for their safety and well being. It is necessary for a responsible adult to stay and supervise the kids until they are all picked up. Failure to do so puts you and the NBAA at a significant liability if something were to happen to one of these kids. Beyond the liability issue how would you feel if something happened to one of the kids that your were responsible for or if you were on the other end and something happened to your child.
Just a reminder that the coaches are giving up a great deal of their time to coach your children. Please make sure that you are there to pick up your kids at least 10 minutes before the end of practice. When practice is done, the coaches many times need to get somewhere else or simply want to get home and relax. Please show the coaches the curtesy of being on time (or early) in picking your children up.
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