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Annual Registration Period: January 15 - March 1
Annual Registration Deadline: March 1

Current Season Start; May 6, 2019
Current Season End; July 17, 2019
Championship Games; July 2019

Division Winner:
    -Overall Record
    -Divisional Record


Baseball Season is not in session.  See you in the upcoming 2021 season



We have consistently tried to update you and keep transparent our efforts to proceed with the Summer 2020 NBAA Baseball and Softball season.  After much discussion, the volunteers that run NBAA have determined it was not feasible to put on a safe season for the NBAA participants, and have decided that the 2020 NBAA Baseball and Softball season will be cancelled.  The NBAA Board does not make this decision lightly.   However, since the NBAA Board and all of the sport coordinators and coaches are volunteers, there simply was not a path forward without putting onerous obligations, expectations and requirements on those same volunteers to try and keep our kids, families, and spectators safe.  The Board has met three times in the past month to vigorously discuss a path forward and worked diligently with City Recreation staff.  The work of the all-volunteer staff of coordinators for the baseball program and the support we received from the City should be commended.  I can assure you, this was last thing we wanted to do, and is evidenced by how long we put off the final decision and the amount of energetic debate that took place.  The NBAA will be back this Fall with its' Soccer program, and has every intention to proceed with Soccer, Basketball and Baseball in the coming year.  While this is a setback, it is temporary.  We cannot wait to see the smiling faces of the kiddos back on the fields and courts.  We put in this time and effort because of those kiddos.  We want to provide them a safe environment.  We want to provide them an environment that challenges them and asks them to do their best, while experiencing all that youth athletics have to offer.  We also have high expectations for our volunteer parents that give up their time to coach these kiddos.  After compiling a potential list of hurdles to sanitation and hygiene, it was too much for the NBAA to ask any volunteer to commit to, and resulting in substantial logistical hurdles.  We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time.

As for refunds – please be patient.  We have nearly 500 participants in the NBAA Baseball/Softball program.  We hope to have all of the checks issued and mailed in the next week.  If you have not received a check by 6/5/2020 – please reach out to [email protected].  Further, mistakes might happen on the checks – please, be nice, we are all volunteers, and I can assure you we did not intentionally make the mistake.  If you think a mistake has been made – please email us at [email protected].  Lastly, we will be refunding the full amount of the registration fee, but will not be refunding the “service fee” that our online portal/registration software charges to take credit card payments. 

 Stay Safe New Berlin.  Stay Healthy.  Stay Sane.  We will be back on the fields soon!

 NBAA Board of Directors


NBAA baseball is looking for a coordinator for the NBAA mid-season Tournament.  It is not very time consuming but is critical to the success of the program.  If interested, please contact Matt Gerten ([email protected])



Baseball/Softball Coordinators

Overall Coordinator:
Krystal Shunk
 [email protected] 
Umpire Coordinator:Mario Nudi 
Boys Majors:Matt Gerten
Boys Juniors:Matt Gerten
Boys Minors:Open
Boys Minis:Open
Girls Majors:Kristi Coleman
Girls Juniors:N/A
Girls Minors:Sonja Glascock
Girls Minis:Sonja Glascock
Co-Ed Kindergarten: Bob Hall

Bill Brennan Memorial Scholarship


Bill Brennan was a long-time coach for the NBAA. When Bill passed away in 2007, his neighbors collected money on his behalf, and donated the money to the NBAA. The New Berlin Senior Citizens' Club also added to the fund. Because of Bill's love of baseball and his dedication to the NBAA, the NBAA has created the Bill Brennan Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship money will be used for New Berlin residents who, for one reason or another, do not have the financial means to register their children to play NBAA baseball.

If signing up your child(ren) to play NBAA baseball is a financial hardship, you may utilize the Bill Brennan scholarship fund. Complete a baseball registration form, and send it along with a note of explanation of your circumstances. If necessary, a board member will contact you.

Remember that once the parents drop their kids off at practice, you are responsible for their safety and well being. It is necessary for a responsible adult to stay and supervise the kids until they are all picked up. Failure to do so puts you and the NBAA at a significant liability if something were to happen to one of these kids. Beyond the liability issue how would you feel if something happened to one of the kids that your were responsible for or if you were on the other end and something happened to your child.
Just a reminder that the coaches are giving up a great deal of their time to coach your children. Please make sure that you are there to pick up your kids at least 10 minutes before the end of practice. When practice is done, the coaches many times need to get somewhere else or simply want to get home and relax. Please show the coaches the curtesy of being on time (or early) in picking your children up.
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